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With busy, full lives lived in a grey concrete jungle, families deserve a lush urban retreat

An outdoor oasis where they can go to spend more time with one another, with their friends or just for a moment of peace and calm. We offer a wrap-around outdoor solution which means families double their time outdoors; we’re for more barbecues, more laughter, more grass between your toes, more time under the stars and wind and more time with the people you love.

Some of our recent projects

Your guide to developing the perfect design brief for you and your family

Highly social? Active children? Retreat-seeker?

With over a decade of designing outdoor spaces for families, we know the most successful designs are needs-driven. Rather than deciding you want a swing or a trampoline, work out how you want to spend time in the space. Approaching design in the right way can add significant social and financial value to your home. We’ve created a guide that will help you do just this; ensuring your family get the perfect space to fit your needs now and for years to come.