Your How-to Guide to the Perfect Outdoor Space

Unsure where to start with your garden? Or have lots of ideas but don't know how to fit them together?

Whether you bring the professionals in or you DIY-it, there’s a way to approach garden design that will add tens of thousands of dollars in social and financial value to your home.

My How-to Guide talks you through:

  • The Secret to great garden design
  • How to assess the site you’ve got
  • How to get the best design possible for you and your family.

By the end of the Guide, you’ll have a clearly prioritised wish-list for your perfect outdoor space that’s personalised to you and your family.

    About Ben Shearer

    Auckland-based, Ben is the principal designer at Shearer Design with over 20-years of experience in landscape design and construction. Supported by a capable team of builders, landscapers and gardeners, Ben’s team offer a wrap-around service that encompasses design, build, and maintenance of your outdoor spaces. His work has been featured in Your Home & Garden and Registered Master Builders Home of the Year. But more importantly, his work has supported hundreds of families to spend thousands more hours together – in their great outdoors. 

    Some of our recent projects as inspiration for you...