Each garden reflects the families we design for: their unique needs, aesthetic, and the way they live their lives.

Browsing through our portfolio, you’ll see each of our garden designs look very different from one another. 

20 years experience in both landscape design & construction, with over 100-builds to our name, we bring a creative eye and practical hand to every one of our designs. They’re people-focused, buildable and enduringly beautiful.


We take the time to understand: 

  • how you & your family want to spend time in your garden 
  • what your aesthetic is and how this translates into plantings & materials  
  • what the budget is now and if you want to stage the build over time as more budget is available 

We get to know: 

  • your section and your soil, its potential and challenges 
  • how privacy, security, shade and sunlight affect your property 
  • how views can be maximised and eyesores hidden

We zone areas to reflect your different needs. For example:    

  • areas for entertaining and socialising   
  • areas for play 
  • areas to retreat to for peace and calm

We supply a detailed, highly visual design concept:

  • We discuss the design and make any amendments required 
  • We supply a planting plan