One point of contact - an end-to-end solution encompassing design, build and maintenance

We’re problem solvers. And with a blended skillset that intersects both landscape design and construction, we bring a practical hand and a creative eye to finding solutions that bring your family, your friends and you closer together.


We take the time to understand what you’re about, how you want to use the space, and what the budget is.


Your sense of style is captured and design concepts are developed. A detailed estimate is supplied to help you distinguish ‘nice to have’ from ‘have to have’.


We work to ensure key milestones are reached on time – from resource and building consent right through to celebrating with you when the job’s done.


Our professional, trustworthy team works on-site when you want them to, ensuring your privacy and comfort.


Recommendations of a maintenance plan, from how often we visit and what we do is supplied.


Good gardens – sustainable

We put people first. Using products with organic credentials that are kinder to our Earth, pets and children, we are committed to safeguarding our wonderland of blue and green for future generations.

Design x Build x Maintain

We offer a wraparound, turnkey solution for your life outdoors but we’re also flexible – seamlessly working in with the team you already have to get the solution you need.

Function, form and purpose

The extra room you never knew you had – Adding social and financial value. We specialise in creating spaces that have function, form and purpose – urban gardens that are treated like another room in a house. They serve to benefit your family now, and if you ever choose to sell.  

“Negotiations used to centre around screen time. Now it’s ‘one last round of marshmellows in the fire’, ‘one more swim’, and ‘ten more minutes on the trampoline.”
“There is nothing sweeter than coming home from work and sitting beneath our fruit trees, full to bursting, with a glass of pinot noir in hand, my feet bare, the grass between my toes and my family around me.”
“As I open the cedar gate to my fully enclosed front garden and step over the threshold, it’s the smell of jasmine that tells me I’m home. And with each step I take along the floating steps, each sliced from a boulder and laid amongst dark green mossy vegetation, the further away I am from everything that happened that day. ”
“I can breathe easier watching the kids play from the kitchen and the lounge now. Fully fenced, there are no hidden places, no immediate dangers lurking… A play heaven for them instead.”